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Today's Office Hours: CLOSED

Today's Support Hours: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

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Our Mission
To be a trusted provider of residential and business internet solutions to communities across Northern Ontario with industry-leading customer service.
Our Vision
Continue to expand our services to those in need of Internet in rural Northern Ontario while also expanding into more communities throughout the North.

Who We Are

NETSPECTRUM was established in 2006 as the child company of Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. NETSPECTRUM has been a trusted provider of terrestrial wireless internet solutions to numerous rural communities in Northern Ontario and have grown our infrastructure to over 130 towers throughout the region.

In 2018, NETSPECTRUM started providing Cable Internet, DSL Internet and VoIP phone services throughout Northern Ontario and plan to expand our coverage and service offerings further in the near future.

Our head office is located in Sudbury, a secondary office in North Bay and we have Spectrum Telecom Group offices in Timmins, Sault Ste Marie, and Thunder Bay. We hire northerners to service northerners and we’re proud to be a part of the communities we serve.

Employees of NETSPECTRUM have common traits and values. We are helpful, we are honest, and we are principled. Integrity and respect are at the core of our values and we aim to please. To us, customer service means making sure we’re doing the best by our customers. The word “upsell” is not a word we hear or say and we believe the respect and transparency we show our customers, paired with the services we provide, is what makes us unique in this industry.

Why We Exist

NETSPECTRUM was established to provide Internet to the rural areas of Northern Ontario after recognizing the increased need for homes and businesses to have internet connections and the lack of connectivity in rural locations.

To NETSPECTRUM, connecting 10 to 15 homes around a lake or a school in a community of 300 to the Internet are real priorities and we’ve built our business around that belief. Everyone needs access to the Internet and it needs to be provided at a fair price with exceptional customer service.

What NETSPECTRUM Customers are Saying!
Glenn Brophey
Nipissing University
I don't write often to companies, but I feel I should share about our experiences with NETSPECTRUM. Your service people just left here after upgrading our antenna equipment and just like all the other times we've worked with your service personnel, we found the whole experience entirely enjoyable. You made telephone appointments using humans instead of asking me to figure out how you do business through a website or something and respected our schedules. In addition, the two gentlemen you sent here were courteous, friendly and certainly seemed to know their stuff when we asked them questions. All in all a very satisfying experience. And I have to say, for both sales and service , having the ability to talk to humans rather than voicemails or through chat lines is a much more pleasant way to do business, especially when you compare it to the ways other tech companies ( Rogers, bell etc.,) like to do business. I loathe having to deal with them, but can say dealing with your organization is a much more positive experience. Keep up the good work!!
Adam Columbus
I am a Netspectrum (wireless) subscriber for more than six years now. I live in central Ontario about 40k north of Huntsville, and do not have hardwire options as we like living on our lake and in the bush. After having explored all my other options, like satellite and cellular based options (had them both), we signed up with Netspectrum as soon as we found out they had a new tower on the other side of our lake. The installer arrived shortly after, did a proper and professional installation, and just like that, we had a solid and fast enough connection that satisfied even our resident teenagers, who were responsible for our outrageous bandwidth overcharges with previous suppliers. We didn't watch Netflix, etc. then, but do now, and it works very well and is highly reliable. Netspectrum solved our biggest problem where we live, and has done a great job ever since. I couldn't be happier.