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Today's Office Hours: CLOSED

Today's Support Hours: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

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NETSPECTRUM provides an option for home phone service that has all the features you could need at an attractive price. The phone option we provide is a VoIP service (Voice over IP), which means the phone service runs using your internet connection. We do not offer phone service as a stand-alone service, a subscription to NETSPECTRUM internet service is required for phone service.


For $24.95+tax a month, you get unlimited calling throughout Canada, the US and Mexico along with a plethora of other features we’ve listed below in the features section.




NETSPECTRUM’s phone system will work on any of our DSL or Cable internet plans. For Wireless customers, phone service availability is dependent on a few factors our team would need to assess before offering our home phone service to ensure you would get the call quality you expect from a home phone service.


Keep Your Existing Phone Number

When you first start service you will be assigned a new phone number as a placeholder. A request is submitted to port your phone number from your existing provider and NETSPECTRUM offers this as a FREE service. Please be advised, when your number ports over to our phone system, if you are still in contract with your number with the existing provider, you may be charged for early cancellation (be sure to check).



Voicemail features include plenty of “bells and whistles” including:


Calling Features


These are all the main features of the phone service NETSPECTRUM provides. Many of these features would cost you much more than $24.95/month with a landline plan, why not make the switch? Give us a call at 1-800-461-6379 or send a request through our website. Please be sure when sending a request for information to provide your full address so our team can provide you with accurate information on which services we provide are available at your address.

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