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NETSPECTRUM – A Brief History

NETSPECTRUM has been the smart, quiet kid in the back of the classroom. Now we’re coming out of our shell and wanting to share our history and experiences as an internet service provider to Northern Ontario communities for over a decade.

NETSPECTRUM is the child company that grew from Spectrum Telecom Group Ltd. (Spectrum Group). Spectrum Group was, and continues to be, a well-respected two way radio dealer and service shop.

Spectrum Group first dipped it’s toes into internet services in the early 00’s when we found a need for infrastructure for local ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to expand their networks. We started with only 5 towers. Essentially, we provided the towers and wireless equipment to ISPs which enabled them to provide internet services to rural customers.

Our partnerships with our local ISPs taught us a lot about the internet services industry. This experience, paired with our team’s passion for service delivery was a winning combination to start our own internet service company and NETSPECTRUM was born in 2006 with a purchase of a small ISP.

Since then, we have expanded from 5 towers to over 140 towers. We provide wireless internet services to rural Northern Ontario communities and we’ve recently launched our cable services in Sudbury, Temiskaming Shores, Timmins, Sturgeon Falls and other areas nearby (see our packages and reach out to us here). We also provide DSL services in most of Ontario and Quebec.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come and we’re looking forward to many more years of growth and development within our communities in Northern Ontario.

Interested in learning more about the rural wireless services we provide? Check out our other blog “Rural Internet Services Explained” where we explain the three main types of rural internet options, including the wireless services we provide!


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