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Independent ISPs: Great Internet. Better Service. Less Money.

When talking to people in my community about their internet services, I’m always baffled at the staggering number of people who still pay the “big companies” insane prices for internet plans that NETSPECTRUM, an independent service provider, can provide for much less with more benefits. I hear complaints all the time about poor customer service and rate hikes with these big providers, I can’t understand how these customers aren’t flocking to NETSPECTRUM.

From what I’ve been able to discover from speaking with people is there is distrust in the independent internet providers because most people don’t know how they work. People see a less expensive price for the same service they have and they’re automatically skeptical that the service quality has to somehow be diminished in order to provide these services. Nope!

This is how it works.

In order to keep internet services in Canada competitive, the CRTC mandated that the large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have to provide their infrastructure for resale to smaller ISPs at wholesale prices. The independent ISPs can then purchase access to areas within these companies’ network to resell the services.

The independent internet providers (like yours truly, NETSPECTRUM) manage their own customers’ traffic while using the cable/DSL/Fibre connections of the larger ISP. You will notice pricing for the same connection is much less expensive with the independent internet providers because:

  1. We’re not in the business of gouging customers for profit
  2. Our support teams are local and we’re not paying overhead costs for call centres, storefronts, lavish marketing budgets, etc.
  3. Our CEOs aren’t making the top 100 richest Canadians list like many of the big providers

So why aren’t people making the switch? What’s the benefit to staying with an ISP charging you upwards of $10-20 more per month for the same service? Well, it used to be because people were bundling their home phone and tv services with their internet and getting a discount for bundling. But now, bundling won’t save you any money with most providers and if you really want to stick with your cable package instead of using online TV services, you can still save by switching your internet over and keeping your TV package with your current provider. You don’t need the same provider for both!

So why not make the switch? NETSPECTRUM offers cable and DSL internet as a reseller in urban Northern Ontario communities, and wireless internet on our own infrastructure in rural areas. Give us a call if you have any questions (800)461-6379.

If you’re thinking of “cutting the cord” on your cable bill at the same time, stay tuned for next week’s blog on streaming services and devices available in Canada.


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