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Causes of Poor Wifi Connection

In this week’s NETSPECTRUM blog, we will be going over some of the things that could be causing your poor Wifi connection in your home and some troubleshooting steps you can take to remedy your poor connection.

What is Wifi?

Wifi is a branded name for wireless internet signal between devices and a router in your home. The word Wifi isn’t actually short for anything as many think. If your connection is weak, you’ll have disconnections or low speeds.

Factors that can Affect Wifi signal

Troubleshooting Wifi Signal

Is your Wifi signal poor on all devices that are connected to the Wifi network, or just one?

The first question to ask yourself when having signal issues with your Wifi is whether all devices are having the issue, or only one of your devices. If it’s a specific device that is having the issue, it’s not likely your network at fault, but the device you’re trying to connect.

Is it every device connected to the network having issues? If so, there’s obviously an issue with the connection.

Is it only happening in certain areas of your house?

If your signal is fine in the living room, but once you’re in the laundry room it drops out, it may be due to where your router is placed. Keep in mind the “Factors that Affect Wifi Signal” tips above.

You can either try repositioning the router to a more central location. Or look into purchasing a Wifi range extender.

Of course, managing your Wifi connection is one thing when you need to get connected, having a good connection in the first place is your Internet service provider’s job. Let NETSPECTRUM get you connected. We connect people with Cable and DSL connections throughout Northern Ontario and wireless internet connections in rural Northern Ontario.


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