Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm (Monday to Friday)

We are open Weekdays 8 AM to 10:30 PM | Weekends 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Office Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm (Monday to Friday)

We are open Weekdays 8 AM to 10:30 PM | Weekends 10 AM to 6:30 PM

About Us


Our mission is to provide affordable internet with industry-leading customer service.


Delivering Internet to Northern Ontario since 2006!

Netspectrum was established over a decade ago when our parent company Spectrum Telecom purchased a local ISP. Since that time we have expanded our network to over one hundred sites in order to serve many rural communities throughout Northern Ontario. Historically, we have provided what is commonly referred to in the industry as the “last mile”.  This network is comprised of towers that are linked together with a combination of Fiber and 900 Mbps microwave links to our facility in Sudbury and then over Fiber again to the Toronto Internet Exchange. The connection to our customers is a small wireless device that is mounted outside that points directly to our tower. We are a proud member of your community, we hire locally and we purchase goods and services locally. We work cooperatively with other Internet Companies both big and small so that we can provide you with reliable and affordable Internet. In addition to providing Internet to rural homes and recreational cottages throughout Northern Ontario we provide Internet to Schools, Hospitals, Health Units, Libraries, Community Halls, Places of Worship and Arenas.


Netspectrum was created to provide Internet to the rural areas of Northern Ontario. The larger Internet companies were not interested in serving these areas as there wasn’t enough business to be had and it was cost prohibitive. To Netspectrum, connecting 10 to 15 homes around a lake or a school in a community of 300 to the Internet are real priorities and we’ve built our business around that belief.  Everyone needs fast access to the Internet and it needs to be provided at a fair price with exceptional customer service.  Originally we existed to provide Internet to rural areas, we have since expanded to offer DSL, Cable and Fiber Internet to homes and businesses throughout Northern Ontario.


In 2018, we are bringing Northern Ontario our fast, honest and reliable Internet services. We will be providing a combination of Fibre, Cable, Wireless and DSL services to Northern communities such as Sudbury, Timmins, Temiskaming Shores, Kapuskasing, Sturgeon Falls, Cochrane, Espanola, Kirkland Lake, Blind River and their surrounding areas.

Our wireless internet is continuously being upgraded to offer better speeds and reliability. To provide better speeds, we have invested in Fiber Optic training and equipment for our technicians. We plan to deploy a fiber optic network as a pilot in a rural area this summer. Our expectation is that this will lead to more opportunities to connect homes and businesses to fiber in areas where wireless connections may not reach.

Our plan is to continue to expand our Internet Services to North Bay,  Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, and their surrounding areas. Spectrum Telecom, our parent company, has bricks and mortar in 5 of the major cities in the North. We are going to leverage these locations to provide local support to the communities in which we call home. In doing so, we will be creating new employment in Northern Ontario and we will help grow our local economy by supporting local businesses. We hope you will do the same by choosing NetSpectrum as your Internet Service Provider. In turn, we promise to provide you with the best Internet we can, at the fairest price we can offer and to ALWAYS put the best interest of you, our customer, first.


You may have noticed a little bird in our logo, poking his head out on our website or perhaps announcing the latest news. His name is Jack and he is our mascot!  Jack is a Grey Jay, also known around the North as a Whisky Jack. Whisky Jacks are a common bird that many of us from Northern Ontario are familiar with. You’ve come across them while hiking, borrowing our food while ice fishing or visiting us while camping. In fact, the Grey Jay was even selected as Canada’s national bird. For Netspectrum he represents our roots of building our wireless Internet business in the forests of Northern Ontario, one tower at a time. In fact, Jack was created by one of our customers that works out of his home business. Nestled away in the boreal forest, his business is connected to the world from one of our towers in the middle of a bush!

Jack soars free and so do our customers, we want our customers to associate our internet service to the feeling of flying free: no contracts, no gimmicks, and no limits!

p.s. You may notice Jack chirping “cheep cheep” or #cheepcheep from time to time. Our marketing department would prefer he said “affordable” internet, however, chirping the word “affordable” was difficult for Jack so we let him have his fun 😉